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Water and Sewer Connection Application

Every building requiring connection to the Municipal Water and/or Sewer System shall be
subject to the following:

  1. An application to connect to the Municipal Water and/or Sewer System shall be filed with the
    Chief Building Official and is subject to the fees set out in the current Fees and Charges By-law.
  2. The applicant shall be responsible for connection and all costs associated with the connection to the municipal systems(s). When applicable, these shall include connection to the Municipality’s infrastructure at the water and/or sewer main.
  3. All connections shall be completed to the following standards (or latest revisions):
    1. American Water Works Association
    2. Ontario Provincial Standard Drawings (OPSD)
    3. Ontario Building Code
    4. Ministry of Environment Regulations and Procedures
    5. Township of South Stormont Site Plan and Subdivision Design Guidelines
  4. Application for works within the Township Right of Way must conform to By-law 2016-024.
  5. The applicant/contractor must call to request an inspection a minimum of 24 hours prior to backfill.
I hereby apply to the Township of South Stormont for permission for a Water/Sewer connection and do hereby agree to conform to the conditions, standards and specifications listed above.

Please provide the following information regarding the contractor who will complete the work.

NOTE: By-law No. 2016-24 requires that the contractor provide proof of insurance and WSIB Coverage when working within the Municipal right-of-way. Minimum coverage of $5,000,000 Commercial General Liability and Automobile Liability with the Township of South Stormont named as Additional Insured.