Entrance Permit Application

Please complete the application pursuant to Entrance By-law 38-1999. 

Important Information

1. Proposed entrances to be staked at roadside.
2. Length of culvert to be a minimum of 6 meters and a maximum of 9 meters
3. Applicant is responsible for the purchase of the galvanized corrugated steel pipe and all installation costs. Specifications will be determined by the Township.
4. Proof of adequate insurance may be requested.
5. Fees as per current Fees/Charges By-law.
6. Proponent is responsible for contacting the Township and booking a final inspection upon completion of the work.

Terms and Conditions

1. This Entrance Permit is subject to all Municipal By-laws.

2. Work on the construction or alteration of an entrance must not be started before an Entrance Permit has been issued by the Township.

3. All entranceway permits shall be pre-paid.

4. The applicant is responsible for the construction, marking and maintenance of the detours required and for maintaining safety measures for the protection of the public during the construction of any works in respect to an entrance.

5. All work related to, or forming part of an entrance, shall be carried out in accordance with the approved plans and specifications subject to the approval of the Township. The owner of the property shall bear all expenses related thereto.

6. The locations and modes of construction of all entranceways shall be in accordance with standards and specifications established by the Director of Public Works, and approved by Council.

7. It is prohibited to obstruct any drain or water course, either situated on a Township road allowance or providing an outlet for water discharged from a Township road allowance.

8. An entranceway will not be permitted in a location that, in the opinion of the Director of Public Works or Public Works Supervisor, would cause a traffic hazard.

9. Each entranceway onto a Township Road must be designed, constructed and maintained in a manner that will prevent surface water from adjoining property being discharged via the entranceway onto the travelled portion of the Township road.

10. Pillars/columns of any description are not permitted on a Township road allowance.

11. Culvert headwalls of any material are not permitted.

12. Curbing will be permitted for commercial entrances, provided it conforms to the Ontario Provincial Standard Drawings and Specifications.

13. Cutting or re-shaping the concrete curb for a new or existing entranceway will be permitted provided it conforms to the specifications determined by the Direcotr of Public Works, and will be at the expense of the applicant.

14. Failure to comply with the provisions of By-law 38-1999 or the stands and specifications established in accordance with the provisions may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Personal information contained on this form is collected under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used to respond to your request. Questions about this collection should be directed to the Director of Corporate Services at 613-534-8889 ext.201.