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Permit to move loads in excess of weight on South Stormont Township roads during the reduced load period.

Schedule "A" to By-law No. 2019-012.

NOTE: A permit is subject to cancellation by the Township at any time without notice.


a) The Township reserves the right to alter the time or the route of operation or cancel the permit outright if the roads covered under this permit start to show signs of breaking up, whatever the cause.

b) The Township may request that truck speeds be kept to a minimum for the protection of the roads.

c) The original of this permit must be carried in the vehicle and produced on demand.

d) This permit is not valid on highways other than Township roads.

e) This permit is not valid on Saturdays, Sundays or statutory holidays unless otherwise stated.

f) Bridges as signed are permitted.

g) Speed traveled shall be limited to a maximum of 65 km per hour.

h) A permit will not be issued until the applicant has satisfied the Director of Public Works that the move in excess of weight prescribed by By-Law No. 2019-012 does arise from a case of unpredictable occurrence.

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